Why online bullying is actually a very serious problem in today’s society!

A powerful and most widely used platform can be used to one’s benefits but sometimes that isn’t the case. In recent days we see a crisis worldwide which results in disturbances in the mind of the victims. Cyber bullying or internet bullying is different than regular bullying seen in schools and colleges. The bullies have changed and instead of big, fat and strong guy in the hallways or mean queen bees it is the wimpy kid behind the computer or phone screen. The internet bullying can be dangerous because it mentally disturbs the victims rather than physically and this causes major difficulties in their lives.


The bullies are just cowardly wimpy children who are themselves mentally disturbed in reality so they make the internet their safe haven and use it to hurt others. The bullying can be through all social media platforms either in the form of insults, manipulation or threats. The worst part is that the victims don’t realize that if they knew the person in real life, they wouldn’t have the courage to tell them anything and without acknowledging the fact that these bullies are strangers that don’t matter in their lives; they allow the bullies to influence them to such high extents.

The cases in which the victims are highly affected by the words and manipulation of the bullies give in and commit suicide or even create a secluded life for themselves. The bullies feel some sense of accomplishment to give others the torment through the internet which they receive in real life and for this satisfaction of a few moments they ruin the lives of their victims. The only victims aren’t the only ones affected by the bullying. Even their families are affected when they see the disturbed behavior of their child or have to face their death.


Many celebrities and artists have also faced the problem of internet bullying while some bullies face the wrath of the celebrities; others just ignore it to cut the power of the bullies. The world needs to realize that words too can affect the mind of people in extreme measures and that internet bullying is no way of showing your power in the world.


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