Worried about exams? Here are tips that will sail you through them!

It’s almost that wonderful time of the year again where you are at the complete mercy of the nerds. Why? Exams are around the corner and despite promising yourself to listen in class and keep your notes up-to-date, you are once again behind on your promises, like those new year resolutions.

Fret not, here are some sure ways to at least prepare yourself for the exams.


First and foremost, have completed notes. This should be a no brainer really. If getting all the notes before exams is difficult then you should minimum have the syllabus with you. Google is always helpful to help fill those missing chunks of notes for you.

Next step would be to know the weight-age of your topics. Again why you may ask since so far we haven’t really talked about studying yet. Well in these last minute preps it’s not practical or even possible to study everything. Pick and learn is your mantra during these times. Obviously you pick the chapters with more marks!

Now we can finally move to the fun part…. The studying. I hope none of you thought there was a way to skip that part.

While studying it’s always better to do so with someone who really really knows the subject. It helps a lot! They can condense and explain the main points to you in matter of minutes where you might have spent many hours trying to figure it out. Time is very precious during these last minute studying. Have a friend who easily aces a subject? That’s your lifeline right there.

Finally one that people tend to always ignore. Eat and sleep. Don’t even give that ‘sleep is for the week’ nonsense. At the end of the day there are just far too many exams to waste our precious sleep (and health over.) Really if that isn’t enough motivation for you it’s said that taking a nap after you study helps you retain what you learned for much longer.

Good Luck for your Exams!


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