Worried It’s Going to be Monday? Use these to beat your Monday Blues

It’s Monday. The day that the devil invented. Monday mornings hit hard, and they shove us back into reality. The weekends are when we all get to unwind, have fun, live what we’d really like life to be like. But then the week starts, and everyone’s back to their monotonous life. Since praying for Monday to go away doesn’t usually help, here are a few ways you can make the first day of the week go easy on you-

  1. Beauty Sleep

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Waking up and making it to class or work in time is a Herculean task in it’s self, for most of us. When we wake up feeling well rested, the day goes a lot better. Make sure you hit the sack early on Sunday nights, and wake up earlier than usual on Monday mornings. Not only will this help you feel energized and fresh, but it’ll also give you ample of time to get ready for the day, so you wouldn’t have to rush through the process.

  1. An empty stomach is no good

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the needed energy, and it’s only possible to focus on work when you’re not focusing on a growling stomach. Have a tasty, heavy breakfast on a Monday morning that’ll help boost up your metabolism and jump start the day. Morning hunger crankiness is the last thing someone needs at the office, or class.

  1. Get pumped up with some music

Music makes everything better. While getting dressed, turn on the radio, or plug in your iPod. Listening to some peppy tunes will boost your mood and help you feel motivated for the day. You could include a little dancing too. Just make sure to shut the door before you do, to escape the weird stares from family members.

  1. Treat yourself

    image source: popsugar.com
    image source: popsugar.com

Mondays are hard, and to help make yourself feel better, pamper yourself. Give yourself an extra half hour of leisure in the morning- crack open your instagram feed, or have a cup of tea out on the front porch. Indulge in a piece of chocolate during the day, or top off your coffee with whipped cream. Wear your favourite outfit, and spend some extra time fixing your hair, or putting on makeup, or perfecting the knot on your tie. Looking good makes you feel good.

  1. Figure out why Mondays are blue

Dreading Mondays might not just be about the monotony, but something particular in your life. Take time to figure out what sucks the most about Mondays. It could be your job, your boss, a teacher, a class or co-worker… once you’ve figured out what’s bothering you, maybe it’s time to switch careers, friends, or stand up to the bully boss.
– Saumya. M


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  • July 27, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    6. Also start watching the new episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ on Mondays (once it’s back) if you don’t already do that. Trust me, the writer agrees.


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