Your Friends in Life

Friends is one of the most talked about show in the past and present generation, so which one of these friends is your friends from friends??

1) Monica:


We all need and have that one friend who not only can cook well, but also has serious compulsion issues, and will need everything planned out in advance, and the right thing at the right place.

2) Chandler:


The jovial and sarcastic one of the group. The group will practically be dysfunctional without a ‘Chandler’. Having to comment on anything and everything.

3) Phoebe:


The odd one. We don’t know why they do what they do but we love them anyways. They’re always calm and cool in whatever circumstance. Can reach out to your sensitivity.

4) Ross:


The geeky one. Yes, it’s hard to disagree that every group has a Ross. The one not just geeky but also behind that one girl he always messes things up with.

5) Rachel:


It’s inevitable to have a friend who’s spoiled and funny, but smart. The one who has an on-off relationship all the time.

6) Joel:

Last but certainly the best, Joey. We all definitely have that one friend who eats our food and gets laid all the time.

-Demetrius Jacob


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